Citrus Research & Technology
Citrus Research & Technology

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Volume 43, 2022

43, 2022

Citrus leprosis and Brevipalpus mites: current situation in Mexico Ma. Teresa Santillán-Galicia, Ariel Wilbert Guzmán-Franco, Rene Gómez-Mercado & Stephanie Guzman-Valencia Review
The importance of acaricides in the control of citrus leprosis mite and factors that interfere with the efficacy Jaqueline Franciosi Della Vechia, Ana Beatriz Piai Kapp & Claudiane Martins da Rocha Review

Foliar applications of bioregulator and association with calcium and boron in the fruit set of Hamlin sweet orange José Antonio Alberto da Silva1, Ivana Marino Bárbaro-Torneli, Elaine Cristine Piffer Gonçalves, Fernando Bergantini Miguel & Regina Kitagawa Grizotto Article

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